Sep 25 2011

Lorena Lopez featuring at ÜberChic Art Opening: 7-9pm on September 30th

ÜberChic is honored to present local artist Lorena Lopez. Her wonderful monoprints are gracing our walls at the moment and will be for sale for the next couple of months.

Monoprints are not prints. These are individually hand made and feature animals, household objects, scenes and whatever else popped into the mind of Lorena at the time. These postcard sized illustrations are available framed for $30 and unframed for $15. Excellent gifts, for children and adults.

As well as Lorena, we also have:

  • Mini-manis and feather hair extensions by UberChic
  • Make-up makeovers by Ashley (Reveal Healthy Skin Spa)
  • Reflexology by Felicia Medina (UberChic)

Come join us on Friday at ÜberChic Nail Boutique (5701 W 25th Ave, Unit B, Edgewater, CO 80214) from 7-9pm for some local art and beauty over a glass of wine!