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Because we are an eco-conscious salon, we do not offer any acrylic nails or dip nails services and are unable to remove them.


ÜberChic Maniküre & Pediküre

Pamper those dry Colorado nails with this all-natural classic. Start out with a stress-relieving soak, followed by nail shaping and cuticle care. Enjoy a brief massage with hydrating body lotion and finish with Zoya nail polish of your choice. Fabulous for hand and sole!

Pediküres include callus filing.


ÜberZen Maniküre & Pediküre

A blissful experience for those who can spare more time to sit down, relax, breathe and indulge in über-pamper. Start with soaking your toes in stress-relieving batherapy salts (anti-bacterial soak for manis), followed by nail shaping and cuticle care. Then get your circulation going and skin exfoliated with an aromatic sugar scrub. A hot towel will get your skin prepped for a massage with hydrating body lotion. Top it up with Zoya polish of your choice. Everything Zen?

Pediküres include callus filing.

ÜberChic Maniküre & Pediküre

$24Ü-Chic Maniküre

$36Ü-Chic Pediküre

ÜberZen Maniküre & Pediküre

$35Ü-Zen Maniküre

$50Ü-Zen Pediküre


Gel Nails (Shellac/Gelish)

Gel nails are a durable hybrid between gel and polish and made to last an average of 2 weeks. They are applied just like regular polish and are easily removed without damaging your real nails. For those who are tough on their nails or those who just like to go longer between polishes. We use LED curing lamps rather than UV to protect your hands.

If you book a Shellac/Gelish Maniküre, the removal is included


$40Shellac/Gelish Maniküre

$50Shellac/Gelish Pediküre

$12Shellac/Gelish removal



Vinylux is the perfect compromise between regular polish and gel nails. Dubbed the “one-week-polish” it is a revolutionary polish system that lasts for a week without chipping. It requires no base coat and completely dries in under 10 min without the use of UV or LED lamps. Exposure to natural light strengthens the polish even more for added durability. The best part? Vinylux is 5-Free (Formaldehyde, DBP, Toluene, Formaldehyde Resin and Camphor), a perfect addition to our eco-friendly products.

  • no base coat, time saving!
  • chip-free for one week
  • no curing with UV or LED lamp
  • natural light strengthens polish
  • comes off easily with plain ol’ polish remover
  • created by CND, most Shellac colors are available as Vinylux polish


Try our new add-on service for your Mani or Pedi. Eco-fin is a petroleum-free, 100% natural alternative to paraffin wax infused with soothing essential oils. Your hands or feet are dipped in warm, fragrant Eco-fin wax, then wrapped in comfy mittens. Enjoy a warm and relaxing neck wrap while your skin absorbs the well needed moisture of Eco-fin. The wax is then easily removed with liners inside the mittens – a mess-free procedure leaving your phalanges as soft as a baby’s bottom!


$26Vinylux Maniküre

$38Vinylux Pediküre


$10add-on for mani

$10add-on for pedi


Additional Services

Nail Art

$3-$5Per nail

French Tip

$10French Polish

Broken nail fix

$5Nail fix

Polish change

$15Zoya polish

$17Vinylux polish


Petite Patooties

Our products are non-toxic and safe for your little sweethearts to enjoy, too! Mini services are only for customers 10 years of age or younger.

Petite Patooties




Promotional prices are not normally reflected on this page so don’t forget to check our current promotions. Prices are subject to change without notice.


Expert Waxing Services

Our staff are professionally trained in hair removal and can perform a range of services. We use quality, organic ingredients.

Leg waxing



Arm waxing



Facial waxing




Nether regions



Other waxing



Other services


Group Bookings

Yes, we would be more than happy to accommodate your bridal shower, wedding preparation or other group booking.

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